Spotify android waiting to download

spotify android waiting to download

spotify android waiting to download

Then I went on my android device (Note 2), select "Available Offline", and now it's stuck on "Waiting on Download".. I was thinking the problem MIGHT be that I do not have an external internet in my apartment.. What internet I have on my desktop it's tethered to my phone's 4G network. So it's not desktop and phone connect to one network per se.. but my desktop connecting to my phone, which ...

 · There are some simple reasons that can cause the “ waiting to download” error on Spotify. There is download limit for each device even with a premium subscription. With a Spotify premium account, you can download up till 10000 songs on a total of three devices. Crossing this limit will prevent users from downloading any more songs.

Click on Allow Another app and then look for Spotify Then tick both the public and private options and then click on the OK button below. This will save your settings and now give your computer and phone a restart and check if you still get the waiting to download error.

It's been 2 days I think when I noticed that my spotify is stuck to "waiting to download". I tried connecting to a different wifi, reinstalled the app or even redownloaded the songs on my phone/laptop but unfortunately none of them worked. However, while I was scrolling to my playlist, I noticed that some of the songs are appeared to be grey. Found out that some of them are no longer available ...

This is a problem both on Android and on Desktop. When attempting to download a song, rather than actually downloading it just says "Waiting to Download" on Android, and "Waiting" on Desktop. I have 'download using cellular' turned on. I've already tried logging out, but it does nothing.

 · However, some users may encounter a problem that Spotify playlist is stuck on "Waiting to Download" when they want to download the playlist to their devices for offline playing. Some lucky users solve this problem by simply restarting their devices but the majority of the users feel quite confused by it. Therefore, we conclude a typical problem that users may encounter and offer some …

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