Hp switch failed to upgrade firmware the file is empty

hp switch failed to upgrade firmware the file is empty

hp switch failed to upgrade firmware the file is empty

"I have come across this. The flash cards supplied with HP 1920 switches are pathetically small (32MB in my instance). 1920 firmware is 12MB, and the switch always keeps two copies – one main, one backup. Therefore there is no space for the updated binary file. You need to delete one of the old binaries to give you space to upload the new one.

Firmewareupgrade failed - HP ProCurve 1810G - 8 GE, P.1.6 Hi @ all, I have an HP ProCurve 1810G - 8 GE, P.1.6, eCos-2.0. I've tried to update the initial Firmeware P.1.6 to P.1.17 or P.1.20 but without any success. 1. Here are the steps I've tried: HTTP P.1.17 > Image "Backup" (with Windows & Linux Client) TFTP P.1.17 > Image "Backup" (with Windows & Linux TFTP Server) HTTP P.1.20 > Image ...

If someone can provide a step by step on how-to upgrade the firmware / software on HP Switches ? Any concerns / cautions before doing so ? does it wipes the config completely ? I have 2 x 2510G - 24 Ports Switches 2 x 2510 - 48 Ports 10/100 Switches 2510G 24Port : Software Version : Y.11.12 ROM : N.10.02 2510G 24Port : Software Version : Y.11.08

 · Have an HPE 1920 24G switch that I'm trying to do a firmware upgrade on via webUI. I downloaded the latest firmware .bin from HP, JG924A-CMW520-R1120.bin, logged in to the switch, browsed to the file, checked the boxes for overwrite and reboot, but after starting the upgrade process it says "Upgrading Software."

4. Download the latest firmware from HP. Open this link and type in your product name to download the newest firmware image. In this example for Aruba 2920 24G Switch it’s WB_16_04_0009.swi. Copy downloaded firmware to your tftp folder:

 · I am trying to upgrade the switch from version 7.1.035 release 2210 to version 5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P05.zip I am using the boot-loader command with this new .ipe file in the command line. It fails with bad or corrupt file. I have rebooted sw and tried another download but this still fails…

 · Hi! In this video you will see how to update your HP Switch firmware! ***SORRY FOR THE VIDEO PROBLEMS! (you still can see the guidelines )*** Update(3.1.2019...

You forgot to mention... back up the config before upgrading the firmware! I've experienced issues on a number of times where upgrading firmware has caused the device to reset to factory settings. This isn't limited to HP switches, but it's always a good idea to have the config saved just in case.

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